Since 2009 YDTRC has worked in partnership with Office of Policy and Management to engage communities accross Connecticut to improve youth-police relations through collaborative mini-grant projects created by youth leaders, police and youth organizations.



  • increasing capacity of youth-led teams to design and implement projects that promote youth outcomes and improve police-youth relations.
  •  increasing understanding of police roles and reduce negative perceptions of police.
  • Empowering youth leaders to  collaborate with police, raise awareness, and share strategies that promote positive police-youth interactions.

Youth-led projects range from dialogue, youth surveys, skits/ theater/ video productions, and community service projects.


Project evaluation includes youth and staff surveys, interviews with police and focus groups with youth. YDTRC’s efforts are part of a statewide  initiative to reduce Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) and create a fair and equal system. More information can be found at OPM and Just. Start.

Learn more about the history of the project by viewing our Prezi below: