The Advancing Youth Development (AYD) is a nationally acclaimed course designed for front-line youth workers who interact with adolescents on a daily basis. The 30-hour course was based on curricula from the Center for Youth Development and Policy Research, Academy for National Network for Runaway Youth. Seven sessions cover Educational Development and the history of youth work, the youth development framework, fostering youth participation and leadership, culturally competent programming, program assessment, and professional competencies of youth workers.

(NO COURSES ARE BEING OFFERED AT THIS TIME.  However, if you are interested in learning more about the course, you may contact Deborah Stewart.)


AYD aims to help youth workers to:

  • Gain familiarity with the youth development approach and use this approach to explore, share, and learn new strategies for working with young people.
  • Strengthen their ability to communicate their ideas, expertise and experience to their constituencies: board members, families, co-workers, community leaders, and youth.
  • Discuss practical strategies for integrating a youth development approach into their programs.
  • Develop an informal peer network and become ongoing resources to each other.

Course Sessions

  1. The Youth Development Framework
  2. Developmental Youth Outcomes (Supports and Opportunities)
  3. Providing Developmentally Appropriate & Responsive Programs
  4. Increasing our Ability to Develop Young People
  5. Expanding Opportunities for Youth Participation
  6. Program Planning & Assessing Program Outcomes
  7. Professional Competencies of Youth Workers

Course Facilitators 

All AYD facilitators are qualified YDTRC facilitators who have completed the 30-hour AYD course and an intensive 3-day Training for AYD Course Facilitators. Community-based youth workers who have completed the 30-hour course often help with selected sessions when the course is in their geographic area.